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Criminal Defense
The criminal defense attorneys at the the Law Offices of Rod Vereen will fight for you at every stage of the criminal investigation and prosecution.

  • If you are under investigation or are a person-of-interest, call us now!
    Let’s work hard to prevent you from being indicted or arrested.
  • If you are the subject of an arrest warrant, call us now!
    Let’s work hard to earn you a voluntary surrender, so your family and co-workers will not have to see you in handcuffs.
  • If you are have been arrested and have an upcoming court date, call us now!
    Let’s work hard to get the case dismissed.
  • If your case is set for trial, call us now!
    Lets work hard to get you a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling Federal, State and Juvenile cases, throughout Florida, and in Federal jurisdiction throughout the country. We will work hard to obtain justice for you, and even file a civil lawsuit against law enforcement that violate your civil rights.

We have handled complex criminal case of all kinds:

Aggravated Battery, Burglary, Conspiracy, Drug Trafficking, Embezzlement, Fraud, Larceny Murder,
RICO and more.

You will receive personalized service. Your case is your case and is not like anyone else’s. You will receive the best legal advice and strategies, custom tailored to your life and your specific circumstances.

Call us now!